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Making The Best Of It

There are many different coping mechanisms being adopted by people around the world as we navigate our way through the confusion of Coronavirus. Inescapable are the facts that many workers will now be working from a home or garden office and many people will be self-isolating. Many of those in isolation or social distancing will (thankfully) be fit and well and in need of ideas to keep busy!

DIY… the stuff of mystery that happens at bank holiday weekends… ideally… but then a beach weekend or BBQ takes over and, well, it doesn’t ever happen. It seems that now could be a pretty good time to focus on a few home improvements. Allow us to recommend the installation of a certain outside tap that you can order online, have delivered to your door, and follow the simple installation instructions for a sense of lockdown achievement and a job well done.

Not only will the Frosti Tap save you from potentially huge water damage costs and claims, it will also prevent water contamination. Our health is certainly a focus right now and when there is a large volume of water that is not used regularly, there is a risk of water stagnation and bacterial growth.

Legionella bacteria takes 72 hours to proliferate in stagnant water over 20°c and when transferred to a susceptible host becomes Legionnaires Disease – a form of pneumonia with flu-like symptoms that can be fatal. The most common way to contract it is through the inhalation of small water droplets generated from showers, hot tubs, sprinklers and hose pipes.

The risk can be removed by guaranteeing regular water movement. Outdoor taps can contain a water volume of more than 150ml. If this water remains in the tap for days or weeks then germ growth is inevitable. Your Frosti Tap will ensure that all residual water exposed to the risk of germ growth is removed, preventing the contamination of drinking water hygiene all year round.

For the colder months, this automatic draining function reliably prevents the Frosti Tap from freezing and saves you from the cost and hassle of consequential water damage.

It’s easy to install and no insulation is required.

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