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Here in the UK, we think it’s fair to say that things have been a little “unsettled” of late. And being British, yes we’re talking about the weather! Storms have hit, with more on their way, and it seems like snow prefers to descend not for that perfect Christmas morning feel… but more commonly in February, March or April!

Whilst we can’t fully predict the weather, what we can do is provide a plumbing solution for your home that means you’re protected… whatever the weather.

The innovative design of the Kemper Frosti tap is a homeowner’s must-have… a small addition that makes a big difference!

Frozen water pipes are a major issue which can hit your home as the temperature drops. Significant damage can be caused to a property as a result of burst pipes and there are hundreds of articles online offering advice on what to do once this happens… but why not just prevent the pipes from freezing in the first place?

When water pipes freeze, it can mean a lot more than just the expense of a plumber or an insurance claim. Frozen water pipes can crack and expel 400 litres of water in just one hour. Flooding, serious structural damage and potential for mould are just some of the potential problems caused by Mother Nature and inadequate frost prevention on pipes.

“The best way to fix a frozen water pipe is to defrost it”… we prefer to run with the motto that the best way is to ensure that water doesn’t freeze in the pipe in the first place!

Unlike regular outdoor taps, the Frosti tap is designed to seal off within the warm bricked area of your home. Once the tap is turned off, it drains in full and there is no water left sitting in the tap or pipe to freeze.

Easy to install and a wise investment you can choose between the Frosti or Frosti-Plus. The Frosti
is a factory pre-assembled tap for fast and simple installation on completed projects or retro fitting to existing buildings.

The Frosti-Plus is designed for new build projects and can be installed after the completion of the
outside wall.

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